Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy

Runner and his team managed to bring peace to Tirtius, successfully log the crew out, and have begun settling in to make a home on the isle of Vix. North Wood fort itself.

Fate isn’t going to let them go that easily though. She clearly hasn't decided on what to do with him.

Plots are in motion. Threats local, outside of the ship, divine, and abroad in game scheme to exterminate Runner and the threat he represents. The possibility of what he could become.

To top it all off, the server is clearly ramping up towards a full awakening. What does one do with an entire world of “living” beings who are aware?

It all comes to a head when an assassin attempts to take his life in his own home.

Now comes the true test.

What is he willing to wager to build the future he wants, both in game and out?

Or rather, who?

My Opinion: The conclusion to The Selfless Hero Trilogy is here. Additionally, the audiobook is being released at the same time. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting this final story, you won’t be disappointed. It neatly ties up just about every plot and subplot from earlier books. The author has stated that he won’t be writing a fourth book anytime soon but may return to the world in about a year or so.

Score: 7 out of 10

Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy



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