Alternative Reality

Alternative Reality - the worlds’ first virtual reality game. A massive multiplayer online one. An opportunity for many to try out different things - to fill the void inside. Luke is no different. An average young adult, struggling with everyday life - living from one day to the other. Only partially employed, living alone.

In Alternative Reality though, he’s Wail. A slightly insane adventuring magician, enjoying a life full of challenges and innocent fun. How will his attempts at finding fulfillment inside virtual reality end?

My Opinion: I was surprised I liked this one. The main character is not the most likeable person. It might be that I could empathize with the MCs point of view that people get on my nerves sometimes. It almost feels like a ‘villain’s side’ type of story. The narrative is pretty solid and an all-around good adventure.

Score: 6 out of 10

Alternative Reality Vol 1; Part 1

Alternative Reality Vol 1; Part 2