The Chaos Wave

The year is 2055. Virtual Reality has been around for nearly forty years, and the Full Sensation Dive System has been around for about thirty.

People vanished from their Dive system, leaving nothing behind of the person they were, and the Characters they were in game become locked out, and no longer responsive to the System. In addition to this, they are suddenly showing up on ALL servers of a game at the same time, almost as if they were now an NPC. The governments put a stop to all distribution of FSDS Technology, and keep an eye on these ‘Digitized Players’.

Immortality is now available to all who seek it, if you can find a World to call your own. Of course, nobody paid attention to one of the few warnings Atreya brought back with her… The NPCs sometimes became sentient and disobeyed coding laws.

My Opinion: One of my favorite royal road stories is now on available on Amazon. It’s a funny, action adventure story that explores some interesting skills like monster taming, crafting, and hidden quests. Great read.

Hidden (there’s a joke in there if you read the story) has decided to go digital or transfer his consciousness permanently to a digital game world. Follow him on his adventures in this digital game world. This book contains part 1- Luck and Death and part 2- Goblins and Dwarves. Part 3 -Rage and Chaos is not yet written.

Score: 7 out of 10

The Divine Adventure: Part 1 (The Chaos Wave)