Jenni wakes up in an inn she's never visited before, in a land she didn't even know existed. She's wearing the armour equivalent of a bikini and there's a longsword propped against her bed. A weapon that she somehow knows how to use with brutal efficiency. And downstairs, the place is packed to the rafters with adventurers. Although she doesn't know it yet, Jenni, now called 'Stormbane', has entered an MMORPG, one that she's going to turn upside-down.

The Wizard of Oz meets Ready Player One in this satirical fantasy romp through the tropes, trials and troubling undertones of online gaming.

My Opinion: One of the best books LitRPG books I’ve read this month. I enjoyed the twist on the ‘being trapped in a MMO’ story. It’s basically told from the NPC and monster’s point of view. Who would want to be a monster who gets killed over and over again by adventurers for XP? What you would do to stop that violent exploitive cycle?

The story is funny, touching at times, and there are plenty of twists that keep it interesting. 

Score: 6 out of 10