Given the Gamer ability after shattering a crystal inside a game, Jon’s world is upturned as he is thrown into a life he considered fantasy.

Making new enemies and encountering a god, he cannot escape the quest which is forced on him.

Different worlds and different situations, can he come out on top?

He’s neither perfect nor a saint, he is Jon.

Welcome to Gamer.

My Opinion: Don’t confuse this story with the Korean web comic of the same name. Besides the fact that both characters get a ‘gamer’ ability, the two stories are very different. In this story the main character travels to multiple worlds through portals where he gains new abilities, knowledge, and spells. By traveling to new worlds every so often the author gets to tell a variety of stories that span different genres.

The only downside of the series is the pace of publication. While there are currently 42 chapters, the author only publishes 1-2 new chapters a month.