Alistair’s Great and Powerful Startup Dungeon

The Great Golden Hero Thorian the Fair is dead! Ok, Great might have been a little much… and the only thing Golden about him was his armor. Fine! Thorian was an ego driven maniac that killed thousands of Adventurers in the pursuit of glory. Now that he has died the God of Rebirth is judging his soul and determined that the only creature Thorian can inhabit is a Dungeon Demon. Devoid of his divine luck and stripped of his power, the newly made Dungeon Demon Alistair must struggle Fang and Claw to build his new home. Sometimes cosmic justice exists and it’s a kick in the head.

My Opinion: A pretty good fun story about someone from our world reincarnated as a dungeon. He builds up his dungeon and faces off against adventurers who come to loot him. It has community building aspects and I’d recommend it to anyone that liked the game Dungeon Keeper.