This is a story about a normal high schooler who was framed and sent to jail on fake charges. Becoming depressed he was further thrown into despair when the culprit caused his family harm and took his sister's ability to walk.

Finally reaching the end he experienced a mental breakdown and lost his speaking ability to everyone and only reacts to his family.

Follow him as he remakes his life with his little sister in the world of Etheria as a form of rehabilitation. Will he talk again or never again. Will he trust others or will he lived a closed life. Only time will tell

My Opinion: Originally an online story, it is now a full fledged Amazon book. A action oriented LitRPG story. The main draw for me was that the main character didn’t chose the popular human race as his game character. Instead he chose the steampunk version of the robot, the clockwork race. It allows for some interesting story opportunities.

I’d highly recommend skipping the first chapter, ‘Jailbird’. It just establishes the characters sad sad backstory and that he’s being forced into the game world as part of a punishment for a crime he didn't commit. Also note that his younger sister is there with him. The chapter doesn’t make complete sense and goes on for too long. Chapter 2 is where the story gets into the game world.