Digital Haven

The modern world fell into a deep depression and few options remained for the suffering lower class. The global economy crumbled under a growing energy crisis and overpopulation led to the creation of a virtual frontier known as Teurilia, the first full immersion virtual reality. Teurilia introduced a world of adventure and exploration leaning on human nature for greed and power. The world, built to be a realistic role playing game offered players nearly unlimited freedom and became wildly popular around the world within weeks of initial release.

Originally intended to be a temporary relief from the real world, the world’s governments soon realized the potential of virtual existence with the release of technology to permanently transfer consciousness from physical bodies into virtual ones. Supported by economists of the world and political power from the United Nations, Teurilia received limitless funding to support the migration of millions of new citizens.

Eric Williams like many lower class citizens immediately saw the potential of a new life in Teurilia and signed up for the migration program within the first week of its announcement. Eric always dreamed of grand adventure and Teurilia was his golden ticket. This is his story…

My Opinion: A really good adventure story where the main character chooses to transfer his consciousness permanently to a VR game world. He gets a pretty unique skill/class pretty early in the story but is not overpowered. Great action scenes.