Author Interview: Blaise Corvin

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Today I’m talking to the author of Delvers LLC. ( ), a novel beloved by LitRPG readers around the world. It has over 200 reviews of which over 95% are 4 or 5 stars.

Welcome to the podcast Blaise Corvin!


Author Background (02:40)

Delvers LLC. Summary (05:23)

     Elevator Pitch-

Why Characters are special (10:14)

Beast Clan Culture - (14:21)

Realism in Transported to another world (16:04)

Secondary Characters (20:40)

Is Blaise really Dolos? (26:30)

Why write Secrets of the Old Ones and Delvers LLC (29:36)


What’s wrong with games these days (51:13)

Self Publishing (57:24)

Advice for Successful Self Publishing (01:03:07)

When will Delvers LLC Book 2 be out? (01:15:00)

Attempt to get spoilers (01:16:21)

Weapons Collection (01:19:08)

What got you started in LitRPG (01:22:56)

Delvers LLC Audiobook (01:25:51)

How long will the series be?(01:27:19)

Is your refridgerator running? (01:28:17)

Author Influences (01:28:33)

Delvers LLC Rap Video (01:38:44)

Contact Blaise Corvin (01:45:00)



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