Dungeon Games

The world of Terra holds a very interesting and unique pastime, a game called Dungeon Wars. The game was developed after an accident created a form of Artificial intelligence that was able to create, and sustain it’s own miniature habitat with an ecosystem based off of the creatures that began as it’s ‘start’

This in turn created a craze of a new, and somewhat fun method of research that grew and became a game. They sold these A.I units for a modest sum, along with starter races, and from there it took off to become something larger, and greater.

Welcome to the Dungeon Wars, a tournament based system where gamers can earn the points needed to increase their Dungeon pet A.I. quicker than natural means, and earn rare and prized races to add into their miniature ecosystem.

My Opinion: Sidnie is young girl that has to stay at home, long term, due to an illness. Her father, a game designer, gets her access to the greatest game in the world Dungeon Wars. Dungeon Wars is an augmented reality, pet raising, pet battle game. With the help of her advance A.I., Sidnie raises, breeds, and evolves a unique race of creatures no one else has access to yet. She’ll work her two friends to learn all the ins and outs of the system. These aren’t any Tamagotchi pets either. They live in their own virtual world where they hunt, build, and evolve whether Sidnie is there watching or not.

I loved all the interesting pet raising mechanics and the variety of ways Sidnie’s creatures can evolve and how she can influence the way they live and learn. The author does a great job of making you care about Sidnie and I found myself rooting for her to do well and get better. The battles are have great action and involve some interesting tactics. Good story.