Seeker of Myths

A young man who has trained all his life in his home country of Japan was forced to abandon the life he knew and begin anew in the country of Korea. Launched into a world of technological marvels like virtual reality, will he be able to adjust to this new world in front of him? How will his upbringing give him an edge when finally enters the world of VR? Will he make any friends? Why is there a turtle?

My Opinion: I absolutely love this story. The Korean and Japanese influences make the story feel fresh. The story emphasizes family and community without minimizing the main character’s story. The main character crafts, fights, and even gets some fun pets. Utterly enjoyable.

Normally I want to get to the game world as quickly as possible and skip the IRL stuff. However, this time I enjoyed the story that takes place in the real world as much as the one inside the VR world. That’s unusual for me.

Each chapter of the story is pretty long, about 5,000 words. Now the bad part. There are only 19 chapters and little hope for more. I know, I’m sad too. While I wish there was more to read, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this story is great.