Valley of Death (Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut Book 2)


Alvin had a rough week.

Thrown into a digital death-game, Apocalypse Gates, with only his wits and a less than helpful AI handler, Alvin’s prospects for survival looked bleak.

Managing not only to survive, but to thrive, he helped build a Settlement of survivors in Green River, Utah. Along the way he met the very sexy and broken Gothy.

He’s taken on the undead, mutated bugs and animals, and the worst possible enemy—other people—and triumphed. Nothing looked like it would be a major problem… except for the flight of dragons.

Now the Gates are opening, and Alvin and Gothy are heading out along the roads of America. They’ll need to earn XP, upgrade their stats and gear, found new Settlements, find allies, and hope they survive long enough to explore the world and each other.

The end of the world had come, and a new one awaits. Welcome back to Apocalypse Gates.

(This book contains adult situations, in all their horror and glory. Ranging from abuse, to drug use, to murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which contain elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.)


My Opinion: 350 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I got an advanced copy for review. I purchased it when it became available.

This is a fun action filled story. It’s mostly a travel story with Alvin and Gothy on the road, killing monsters, schooling survivors about the new systems, and sometimes killing some folks that need killing. They have some really neat adventurers, but things are just going to get more difficult now that the Apocalypse Gates have opened and all manner of crazy fantastical creatures are coming into the world.

Be warned, there are some graphics sex scenes, lots of cursing, and lots of graphic violence. This is not a nice cuddly world and is written with adults in mind. I skipped the sex scenes, but they are fairly regular at about one every 15% or so of the story. Overall, the sex is only about 10% of the story. It’s definitely more about the action, monster killing, leveling up, and settlement founding.

Overall, though the sex in the story isn’t my thing, it also didn’t distract from the story and made total contextual sense. The action and adventure stuff is nice and thrilling. I particularly liked the last couple of adventures in the story that pull in more supernatural elements. I also just liked the many flirty, cute moments between Alvin and Gothy.

The author was nice enough to let me know what that song was that the MC and Gothy sing. It’s “Curvy Girls” by the The Jolly Rogers.

Score: 7.4 out of 10

Valley of Death (Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut Book 2)