Lord of the Apocalypse


After being falsely accused of murder, Nicholas Dread finds himself losing not only seven years of his life, but also his son and wife. Fate further kicks him on the chest when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an unannounced apocalypse, witnessing death by the thousands. After a desperate struggle, he dies only to find himself in the body of a Goblin..


My Opinion: 190 pg, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a dark, gritty, graphically violent LitRPG story. It’s also great. It combines an apocalypse story and a reincarnation story. The main character (MC), Nicholas, is caught up in the apocalypse and trying to save his family, he’s killed. Then wakes up reborn as a goblin spawn, the lowest level of goblin. He has to figure out how to gain levels to get more powerful and somehow get back to earth to save his family from the monsters killing  humans for food.

Game mechanic-wise, this uses a familiar stats, skills, and XP system but adds in the ability for the MC to evolve to more powerful goblins. Not overly complicated but something that’s seen through the novel.

Story-wise, it follows the MC as he tries to find his family and grow more powerful as a goblin. There’s also a secondary plot with human survivors that seems to be a bigger part of the next book. While there’s lots of fighting in the story, both on earth and on the goblin world, be warned that the the fighting is brutal and graphically violent. This is a dark story world.

Overall, this is a great story that combines elements from other genres that I love. It does something different and it’s also short enough that you can read it one sitting. If you like novels like Life Reset you’ll enjoy this.

Score: 8 out of 10

Lord of the Apocalypse