Forever Online, ep 1: Uploaded (Forever Online LitRPG saga)


Maybe putting everything in the hands of machines hadn’t been a good idea after all. 

But it was too late to cry now.

We, the gamers, needed to act.

Gone are the days when gamers were shunned and despised. Humanity is now facing a threat that defies comprehension, and the only chance to stop it is to get everybody hooked up to a virtual game. A game where rules are rich and complex and only the best can find the path to victory. 

The name of that game... FOREVER ONLINE. 

My Opinion: 59 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is the 1st episode in a planned serial story and it’s off to a rocky start. There’s virtually nothing but setup to this first episode. It sets up the premise, game mechanics, and the beginnings in the game. The premise: that gamers are supposed to connect their minds together to hack an alien interface, only the gamers will  have to play a FIVR game for this to work. I’m sure it’s part of a long term story arc, but it doesn’t make sense and honestly eats up way to much of the already short story (25%). The game mechanics are nothing special and character creation eats up another 25% introducing the other races, only for the main character (MC) to choose to be a human with his real name. The last half drops the MC in the game with some high minded storyline that really doesn’t matter yet. He gets a quest that is magically solved with no effort on his part, and then the story just ends. 

Overall, there’s lots of setup, but nothing really happens and I was pretty bored. 

Score: 5 out of 10

Forever Online, ep 1: Uploaded (Forever Online LitRPG saga)