Transformation LitRPG


The familiar world collapsed overnight. As the Game Transformation progressed, disasters occurred throughout the Earth. Materials changed their properties, new species of flora and fauna appeared, and there was no more electricity. The Game was massive, spread across multiple worlds, and when a new planet was added, it was converted into a huge dungeon, completely replacing the previous civilization.

However, the alien plans for Earth began to go awry from the very beginning. The conversion was less successful than expected and then an ordinary young man stole the bonus for the first gaming action in the new dungeon, depriving the invaders of their perk.

How can he manage the situation? Which of the aliens will become his ally? Which ones are his enemy? Dare they rebel against the all-powerful invaders, regain their land and even create a new world?

My Opinion: 306 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Note: The story is translated from Russian and it shows sometimes. There are small semi-regular technical writing issues and some phrases that just don’t translate at all. The author says he plans to update the novel soon with a better translation.

This is a slice of life RPG apocalypse story. The main character (MC), Yaroslav, is caught up in it all when the whole world is transformed by space elves. He lucks out and gets some early bonuses for first kills and rides that streak of luck as far as it will take him. The story really just follows the MC as he lucks into or follows his intuition through adventures, finds allies, and kills his way to power.

The game mechanics are shown throughout the story but are mostly notification based as the MC gets bonus after bonus for his lucky achievements. Much of the power progress comes from this luck and not necessarily hard work on the MCs part, especially early on in the novel. It’s explained in the story why he’s so lucky, but that doesn’t mean the MC doesn’t use what he has effectively.

Overall, there’s good action, some interesting stories, and even a bit of intrigue between the various alien/fantasy factions. But, some people may be turned off by the lack of hard work on the part of the MC for his power or the wandering slice of life nature of the story. Me? I don’t mind either and had a pretty decent time seeing where the Russian story went.

Score: 7.1 out of 10

Transformation LitRPG