All Trades Book 1: Master of None


Alex is broke. He's pretty much always been broke. A misspent youth led to mistakes which led to convictions and plea deals. No career, no education, no hope.

Now he has a chance to make things right for him and his family when the newest immersive MMO comes with the ability to convert money earned in the game into real currency. Well, it's cryptocurrency but that's real-ish, right? Seeing an opportunity, Alex joins The Realms as Jack Alltrades, looking to make money any way he can. He may be a Master of None, but he's determined to learn every way possible to make money and turn his life around. Along the way, he'll find answers to important questions like:

Can he win Employee of the Month?

Do gnomes dream of electric sheep?

How many kobolds does it take to swing a pickaxe?

Can NPCs commit tax fraud?

OK, maybe he won't answer most of those, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come follow the high margin adventures of Jack Alltrades!

My Opinion: 332 pages, $2.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

*Special thanks to Felicity on YouTube for recommending this read*

Good slice of life story with a main character (MC) who during character creation trades any chance to use magic with enhanced learning and faster skill gains. It's definitely a min max story that initially is pretty normal with action adventuring but later shifts to something else, adding a rather thick middle and late section with crafting, resource management, and gold making aspects.

On the game mechanic side, it’s fairly normal with the exception of ‘jobs’ in addition to class levels. Like in the game FF Tactics, players get an initial class but can also gain ‘jobs’ based on the skills they level and can swap those jobs for special bonuses. However, the players can only advance one job or class at a time. It’s a mechanic that I’ve always liked, though it’s not used to its fullest here, it has good series potential. 

Overall, this is a pretty good story if you’re into crafting and resource management stuff. Combat and fighting aren’t the main focus of the novel, but when you get them they’re pretty good.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

All Trades Book 1: Master of None