Respawn: Lovers Lost (Respawn LitRPG series Book 2)


The System is generous. Not with presents, but with predicaments.

Cheater now has a straightforward goal, or so it seems to him. To everyone else, his endeavor sounds suicidal for a high-level veteran, never mind a newcomer whose intellect is still shackled by the System.

Cheater sees only one way forward: develop his skills, conquer monsters, and become stronger, faster, wiser, and more fearsome with each passing day. Until he makes progress on his own capabilities, he cannot hope to achieve anything else.

But the System has intentions of its own. Namely, to hit Cheater every step of the way with unforeseen, unpleasant refutations of his noble plans.

My Opinion: 244 pages, $4.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

It took me awhile to recall the premise of the story. The main character (MC) is in a Groundhog Day like RPG apocalypse where every time he dies he's reset to right before the apocalypse happens: people start turning into zombies, monsters appear, electronics and cars stop working. He and other players get to respawn a certain number of times and level from killing creatures and each other. Higher levels, more stats and other game like bonuses. But all players get reduced intellect and wiped memories till level 10. The main character is only level 4 and on his 6th respawn.

Book 2 in the series continues on from the end of book 1, and essentially resets things. The MC wakes up, newly respawned, and uses the stuff he learned in book 1 to start gathering resources and trying to figure out ways to level up. His goal is to find Kitty, the woman he partnered with in book 1, even though she may be far far away. So that’s what the story is, that journey to level and travel. It’s basically a bunch of fights, survival stuff, traveling, with the MC always trying to figure out a way to exploit the system to reach his goals faster. Very slice of life. There are some interesting characters and more PvP, but that’s it in nutshell.

Overall, though the first 30% of the story is rather slow since it repeats a lot of the basic survival stuff, after that things are pretty exciting. A fun story if you like zombie apocalypse style stories with survivalist stuff and RPG mechanics all mixed together.

Score: 7.2 out of 10

Respawn: Lovers Lost (Respawn LitRPG series Book 2)