Bone Dungeon (Elemental Dungeon #1) - A Dungeon Core LitRPG


Ryan doesn't remember much about his life before becoming a dungeon core. Only that he had a bit of a disagreement with the church -- something to do with a beheading?

Now reborn, Ryan begins to arm his darkness dungeon with devious traps, bestial zombies and ill-named skeletal creations, without doing anything too evil. Well, mostly. Some adventurers just deserve a stalactite to the head.

But Ryan quickly learns being a darkness dungeon isn't all loot and bone puns. With a necromancer on the rise and the Adventurer's Guild watching his every move, he must prove that not all darkness dungeons are malevolent... even if they do have a few skeletons in their caverns.

Sadly, all of these issues keep distracting him from his own guilty pleasure, skeletal fight club. But don't tell his fairy about that.

My Opinion: 398 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A good, if predictable, dungeon core story. There’s a good snarky sense of humor, and a few interesting aspects, but overall the story is kind of middle of the road for a dungeon core novel. Nothing bad, good adventure, limited monster types, a dungeon and bonded fairy that create mobs, traps, and treasure for adventurers. The only slight variation would be that the dungeon creates undead type monsters. Still, while entertaining, it doesn’t do anything to push the dungeon core genre.

Score: 7.2 out of 10

Bone Dungeon (Elemental Dungeon #1) - A Dungeon Core LitRPG