Master of Dungeons

Edwin Cast was your (mostly) regular guy living and working in Kentucky. He had a knack for working, and was always bouncing from job to job as fancy took him. Insatiably curious, he was always on the look out for new or interesting information or things to do. You could say he was a ‘hard-work fanatic’.

But with an ailing mother and the inability to realize that he was being shunned by those considered his ‘betters’, he met his mortal end at the hands of those people who he replaced. Beaten to death on the same day his mother died, he’s soon pulled from the void into a world beyond his own imagination.

Reborn into a fantasy world as the last ‘Demon Lord’, Edwin is expected to rule over a vast number of races, each of which are considered ‘monsters’ and demon-kin by the zealous human kingdoms of the world. And if that wasn’t enough, the only way to progress and make ends meat is to build and control ‘Dungeons’ for the righteous humans to invade!

Edwin will have to give it his all in a world he never expected even existed, and will have to learn to survive with his wits and growing power in order to establish something resembling peace in the war-torn lands of Eternia.

My Opinion: Great dungeon creator story. Edwin is reincarnated as a demon (think Japanese Oni) who is supposed to help the local demon community to rebuild and restore their place of strength by creating new and powerful dungeons for adventures.

I really liked that the author had a different cultural setting for the dungeon creator and a community that is depending on his success. The main character doesn’t just have a cave to create a dungeon, rather he can designate any space as his to create a dungeon. This allows him to not only manage the surrounding community but improve the city by using this power. It turns into a little bit of simcity in addition to dungeon creation.

There are some chapters midway in the series that have sex but the author clearly marks them and separates those parts. I chose to skip those chapters and it didn’t impact the story.