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In LitRPG News: New LitRPG pre-orders that are available

New Releases and Reviews: Otherlife Awakenings, Ascend Online, Last Horizon: Beta, Warscapia, Wardens of Syran.

Review the new LitRPG audiobooks: The Land: Founding and   Otherlife Awakenings


LitRPG News

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New Releases and Reviews


Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy

Runner and his team managed to bring peace to Tirtius, successfully log the crew out, and have begun settling in to make a home on the isle of Vix. North Wood fort itself.

Fate isn’t going to let them go that easily though. She clearly hasn't decided on what to do with him.

Plots are in motion. Threats local, outside of the ship, divine, and abroad in game scheme to exterminate Runner and the threat he represents. The possibility of what he could become.

To top it all off, the server is clearly ramping up towards a full awakening. What does one do with an entire world of “living” beings who are aware?

It all comes to a head when an assassin attempts to take his life in his own home.

Now comes the true test.

What is he willing to wager to build the future he wants, both in game and out?

Or rather, who?

My Opinion: The conclusion to The Selfless Hero Trilogy is here. Additionally, the audiobook is being released at the same time. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting this final story, you won’t be disappointed. It neatly ties up just about every plot and subplot from earlier books. The author has stated that he won’t be writing a fourth book anytime soon but may return to the world in about a year or so.

Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy


Ascend Online

Enter Marcus, a twenty-nine-year-old independent game designer, and slightly jaded MMORPG addict looking for his next gaming fix. When a friend tells him about a revolutionary Virtual Reality game that's set to be released in less than 24 hours, he can barely believe his eyes. Without a second's hesitation, Marcus and his friends leap at the chance to escape Reality and start an entirely new life in a world of mystery and wonder.

Together, they find themselves thrown into a fantasy world that defies their wildest hopes and expectations. From battling vicious monsters to dealing with greedy Players, Marcus and his friends will have to use every ounce of their cunning and teamwork they possess to stake a claim in a brand new world.

Especially once other Players see what they have, and try to take it from them.

My Opinion: Ascend Online has gone from an online only story to a top ten finalist of the Nerdist Inkshare-Video Game Story contest, and is now finally available on Amazon. I had to stop reading the online version so that I wouldn’t ruin the final polished story and now I can finally see what happens to my friends..errr..I mean the main characters.

While the story focuses on a village where the main character and his friends’ adventure together, the author also fleshes out the larger world and hints at grand schemes in play. Additionally, I enjoyed the village building and crafting aspects of the story. It adds a nice change of pace and grounds the players in this world and gives them something to care about besides looting monsters.

Ascend Online


Last Horizon: Beta

Full Dive Virtual Reality is finally coming true and the first game out Last Horizon will be the first game. A group of friends backs the Crowd sourced idea and enters the Beta testing. The friends who have played MMORPG's since the yearly days of the genre are excited about being young again inside the game and living out the adventure.

My Opinion: Ever get tired of stories where the protagonist is a young upstart? Me too. Last Horizon does away with that trope and tells the 554 page story of what it would be like if full immersion VR finally came to fruition only after the main characters had retired. If you think about it, it makes sense. Kids are all grown up, bills are basically paid on a fixed income, and you have the time to play the game. I could easily imagine myself, a veteran gamer using a lifetime of learned skills and strategy in a immerging VR game. Honestly I hope it doesn’t take that long though.

Last Horizon: Beta


Sparrow wants to be the greatest warrior in all of Warscapia. But he’s not. He’s just a kid with mediocre magic skills.

When he’s asked to team with axe bro Rock and ninja girl Jade, he will have to fight for his life and much more as the crew takes on some of the most brutal and fantastic monsters in the land of Warscapia—a videogame fantasy universe like none other.

My Opinion: Garrett Bogs has crafted a short story (129 pages) that kept me entertained. There is rarely a scene that doesn’t have either humor or action. There is definitely some poking of fun at the role playing games, and MMOs but it’s done from a place of love. The characters are very unique and fun. I mean who creates a character with a specialization in summoning ducks?



Wardens of Syran

With the United States of America's cruel, media controlled society spiraling into an unbearable reality, those seeking a way out now have an opportunity to begin anew - Syran.

Syran is an alternate world created by Earth's richest and most successful video game developer, Jarrod Duncan. After shutting down his extremely popular MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Jarrod created Syran, a living, breathing MMORPG filled with heroes, magic and mystical creatures. But Syran isn't just a video game that you can play on your free time. Once you enter Syran, you may never return to Earth.

Those who enter Syran will have no recollection of who they once were, nor will they have a choice in who they become. A teenage girl may become an Elvish man, or an adult male may become an Orcish female. No choice is given. For most, once they appear in Syran they begin a new, "normal" life. But for a small few, their new lives are far from normal.

These rare few, known as Wardens, are reborn with incredible, supernatural abilities. Since the birth of Syran, the world has been at peace with its inhabitants living in harmony. But that's all about to change...

It's up to Auran Crin, a confused, newly spawned Warden, to master his abilities and embark on a quest to save and protect his new home from a vicious darkness consuming Syran.

Reader Reviews:

Justin J.- I just finished the book... Writing Quality: C+/B-. Story: C+ (slightly predictable / overdone). Potential for sequel: High

Wardens of Syran


New LitRPG Audiobooks:

The Land: Founding: Chaos Seeds, Book 1 (audiobook)


My Opinion:  I have been waiting forever to listen to this book. As much as I love the e-book, I love this audiobook even more.

Guy Williams (Narrator) for the book. He has a slightly deep voice and does a great job of creating different sounds for different characters. I especially like the voice he used for the imp at the beginning of the story.

I hope Aleron already has plans to record the rest of the series. You can listen to this book for FREE is you sign up for an Audible trial, they give you one book ( ). Even after the trial is over, it’s usually cheaper to buy an audiobook as a subscriber.

The Land: Founding: Chaos Seeds, Book 1


Otherlife Awakenings: The Selfless Hero Trilogy (audiobook)

My Opinion: Jeff Hays (Narrator) does a great job of narrating. He has a smooth voice with a great range and gives some characters extra depth. Interestingly, he’s been experimenting with live narration, where he broadcasts himself reading chapters live on periscope or twitch. He gets immediate audience feedback and can improve his narration. ( ; )


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