Game World

Breaking Rules - A LitRPG Adventure (New Game Minus Book 3)

Bloodwraith was a villain who hated adventurers until he found himself transferred into the body of one. Trapped without his magic, he discovered that alien beings were using his reality as a game... and he had just become a player. Teaming up with a glitched NPC and other adventurers, he has no choice but to learn the truth about himself and his world.

The original adventurer may be defeated, but Bloodwraith and his allies have attracted the attention of the beings that control his world. They're coming in force, bringing both control of the system and bizarre alien powers. Bloodwraith will have no choice but to fight for his life while trying to understand the conflicts among the box gods. That battle will take him back to Cresthaven, to new cities entirely, through the most dangerous dungeon yet, and against opponents unlike any he's ever faced...

Small Medium: At Large

It's tough being a country girl in the big city, especially when werewolves are murdering their way through the underworld! Chase Berrymore must bring all her divination skills to bear in order to survive both wild werewolves and murderous mafiosos.

She's got a shot at finding steadfast allies along the way, but at great cost; the mysterious entities that call themselves 'players' are involved. And where they go, chaos follows...

The sequel to a new litrpg saga, Small Medium: At Large serves up a large helping of action, cunning plans, and mystery...

Changing Faces (New Game Minus Book 1)

Bloodwraith thought of himself as an effective villain, until a single adventurer destroyed his entire lair. With his last breath, he switched bodies with the adventurer and discovered that his world was built on lies. Alien beings from another dimension were using his world as a game... and now he was one of them.

The problem is, Bloodwraith has no experience being an adventurer. He was a mage, but his new body is only good at hitting things. He relied on undead minions, but now he has no choice but to depend on other people. And worst of all, strange boxes are constantly appearing in his vision, describing the world in unfamiliar, nonsensical terms.

Taking over the world is off the table, because the alien gods might be watching. To survive, Bloodwraith will need to learn the truth about himself and his world. And that means acting like an adventurer, at least for now.

Loot Lord: A Gamelit Fantasy Novel (Dungeon Land Book 1)

Idon and his friends are in the adventure shop business—and business is terrible. The dungeon boom of decades past is sorely dead. The economy is in the outhouse. And the Guild has a stranglehold on any remaining riches to be gleaned from the tapped dungeons in the area.

They’ll be lucky to keep their heads above water for another week, and that’s only if the Guild doesn’t break their legs to recover mounting debts. Things are looking pretty bleak, when Idon finds a rather peculiar sword during a last ditch effort to scrounge up some valuable loot to sell.

Armed with a secret that could solve all their problems, the three friends know they can’t let anyone find out about the amazing new dungeon levels and the undiscovered loot therein.

But where there is loot…

There is always lurking death. Maybe the violent thugs from the Guild will end up being the least of their problems. Find out if they can live long enough to become the lords of loot!

Killstreak Book One: Respawn: An Epic Fantasy LitRPG

Lord Kadorax Darkarrow was born on Earth, but in Agglor, he’s the highest-level assassin anyone can find. The leader of the famed Blackened Blades, he’s made a name for himself, built a kingdom of sorts, and only had to respawn once along the way.

Then a rogue band of jackals sends him all the way back to a dreary tavern in a tiny village to start over at level one.

Hellbent on revenge, Kadorax sets out on a path littered with bodies—level up, find the jackals, slay their god!

Catmaster Online: A LitRPG Series

Meet Kitty… a cat in a VRMMORPG

What would it be like if you were left with only 1% of your memory?

Kitty is about to find out. After being betrayed by a close friend, Kitty is down to level one with no knowledge of his past life. With the aid of a cat princess, he’ll need to fight his way up the ladder to get to the final boss and save the world. More importantly, he must save his master.

Along the way he’ll learn new spells, deal with mobs, go on epic quests… and level up!

Dungeon Deposed

Ryker only has one goal in his life right now:

Turn a certain adventuring guild into a flaming wreck while dancing merrily through the smoldering ruins. All for the chance to get back at a handful of people.

It isn’t as if they didn’t deserve it either.

They had driven him from his home. Chased him physically from the very guild house itself. All the way to the gates of the city.

Simply because he wasn’t as strong as they expected him to be.

As strong as he’d expected himself to be.

He’d returned to the city the next day and left with his means for revenge. Something he’d hidden away and told no one about when he found it in one of his few Dungeon Dives.

An inactive Dungeon Core.

A crystal the size of a fist with a soul inside. One that could create anything from mana it wanted to. From monsters and complex cave systems to gold coins.

Years spent in planning, and unfortunately farming, as he waited. Now it felt like his moment was finally here.

The Dungeon Core had been acting strange lately. As if it were finally… coming to life.

Watching over the crystal like a hawk for this very event, Ryker impatiently waits. Any day now, it'd start.

And he could set about taking his vengeance.

Starting with ripping the soul of the Dungeon out.

Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense

Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero.

Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. But she's got problems of her own, and he might not be able to help her.

Fortunately for the little golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and survive horrible predicaments. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies...