Catmaster Online: A LitRPG Series


Meet Kitty… a cat in a VRMMORPG

What would it be like if you were left with only 1% of your memory?

Kitty is about to find out. After being betrayed by a close friend, Kitty is down to level one with no knowledge of his past life. With the aid of a cat princess, he’ll need to fight his way up the ladder to get to the final boss and save the world. More importantly, he must save his master.

Along the way he’ll learn new spells, deal with mobs, go on epic quests… and level up!


My Opinion: 309 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a slice of life LitRPG story set in a game world where anthropomorphised animals rule. If you’ve ever read the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, then you’ll have an idea of what this story is like. In this world though it’s cats and dogs that walk on two legs, talk, and fight. The main character is a cat named Kitty who has a character sheet, gets XP from quests and killing monsters, and basically just goes on adventures and eventually tries to help a cat princess.

Overall, there are some good fights, the game mechanics are decent but not particularly innovative. However, other than the characters being anthropomorphised animals there wasn’t much to set this story apart from other slice of life adventure stories. It didn’t really land for me, but if you’re tired of reading about the same old human characters, you might enjoy the change of pace here.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Catmaster Online: A LitRPG Series .