Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense

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Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero.

Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. But she's got problems of her own, and he might not be able to help her.

Fortunately for the little golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and survive horrible predicaments. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies...


My Opinion: 261 pages, $4.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

This story is rather good. It’s like Paddington Bear or the Velveteen Rabbit got a character sheet and leveled up from their adventures. It’s a quite a cute story.

Threadbare, the golem teddy bear, has to survive his creators experiments, the rough attention of a child, and the destructive vengeance of the household cat. Each challenge he overcomes builds Threadbare’s stats, levels and skills. Soon he becomes more than just a clumsy golem.

Eventually Threadbare even accompanies his human on her adventures as the larger RPG world opens up to her. There’s plenty of action and adventure in the story as well as great RPG game mechanics and rather decent world building.  

The only thing that I’d say needs work is the transition between characters. One moment you're reading about Threadbare’s actions, the next sentence your reading about an enemy's thoughts, or the cats, and there’s no transition statement.

Also note the last 6% of the novel are character sheets and a glossary of abilities and skills.

Score: 7 out of 10

Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense