Matthew Siege

Save Point: Reload (Book 2 - Sci-Fi litRPG Series)

Now that the litRPG world of the Citadel has chewed Adam up and spat him out, he’s right back at his original Save Point.

Are things better? Maybe. Maybe not. For one thing, he's still got brain cancer. For another, he’s in trouble for breaking the rules last time. As punishment, he’ll have to mentor the Colony - an outnumbered race of misfit mushrooms on the losing side of a battle for their home planet.

Adam’s new allies only stand a chance if he can unite the two sides of his broken Faction, but first they’ll have to show him that some things are worth -not- resetting.

Save Point: Upload (Book 1 - Sci-Fi litRPG Series)

Adam Harris’s name has just appeared on a top secret list of extraterrestrial origin. Unbeknownst to him, he’s one of a handful of individuals capable of implementing a Save Point, a static moment in time he’s able to revisit over and over upon death.

It’s a good thing, too. Brain cancer was turning into a real drag…

The government owns the list though, and they’ve wasted no time snapping him up. According to them, he has thirteen days in an alien realm to learn as much as he can before the inevitable, at which point his memories, Skill Progressions and Weapon Proficiencies will endure despite his body resetting.

Then it’s rinse and repeat.

But there are unwritten rules to the game he’s about to play, and unseen forces acting in judgment. Adam will have to learn the hard way that dying is the easiest thing he’s going to do today.

Gunslinger's Code - The First Exploit: A litRPG romp through a Wild, Weird West that never was...

Delphi isn't a gamer, and just because practically everyone else has embraced Absolute Reality doesn't mean she sees the appeal.

But High Noon is fundamentally different from the games that have come before it. It takes place in your mind, and once she steps into that Wild West that never was, a raucous free-for-all filled to the brim with Demonic pacts, body-modders, steampunk Technicals and Gunslinging miscreants, the game's most-lauded feature takes the reins:

None of the players know they're playing. High Noon is as real as life, right up until it isn't.

And if Delphi wants her inheritance in the real world, she has to find the township of Hope Springs.

And dig…

Gunslinger’s Code is the first book in a sprawling litRPG series that will rebuild a Weird West that wasn’t. Once readers finish each episode, they’ll be able to influence the events that take place in the next book. So, strap on your six-shooter, power up your mini-boiler and hope the Devil himself don’t come calling!

Headshot: Two in the Head (Book 2 of a Zombie litRPG Trilogy)

Last week was equal parts action-packed thrill ride and waking nightmare. Ryan's plan to save himself from the server wipe may have succeeded, but at what cost. He's willing to sacrifice a lot to get even with the people that betrayed him, but when a larger, darker and far more complicated world opens up before him, will he make his own destiny or frantically attempt to log out for the final time?

And once he decides, what happens when he isn't in control either way?

Headshot: One in the Gut (Book 1 of a Zombie litRPG Trilogy)

Headshot has just gone live, and the whole world's playing the new Artificial Reality blockbuster. Unfortunately, unless you can buy your way onto the Survivor's side, you can only participate as a Zombie. Every week the Apocalypse starts over, and every week the forces gather once more to tear each other down to the bone.

Ryan's played the Beta for months, but now that his favorite game has launched, he finds it consuming his life, even as he struggles to decipher whether or not there's actually a way to succeed if you're not willing to Pay to Win.

But he’s got bigger problems to deal with. There’s something sinister going on beneath the surface of Headshot, and it looks like he’s wrapped up in it whether he likes it or not.