Save Point: Reload (Book 2 - Sci-Fi litRPG Series)


Now that the litRPG world of the Citadel has chewed Adam up and spat him out, he’s right back at his original Save Point.

Are things better? Maybe. Maybe not. For one thing, he's still got brain cancer. For another, he’s in trouble for breaking the rules last time. As punishment, he’ll have to mentor the Colony - an outnumbered race of misfit mushrooms on the losing side of a battle for their home planet.

Adam’s new allies only stand a chance if he can unite the two sides of his broken Faction, but first they’ll have to show him that some things are worth -not- resetting.

My Opinion: 509 pages, $3.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

Another really good entry into the series. It is still light LitRPG, but all the mechanics used are woven into the story world and are consistent. For me, the big draw is the sci-fi aspect of the story. I’m a fan of stories that make you pause and think, and this one does. I especially like the time spent in conversations with the alien plant things that show just how much of our lives are contextually based upon our unique physiological and cultural evolution. I also enjoy the time travel/save point aspect. It’s a fun mechanic to play with and I was really happy to see the author avoid the groundhog day effect of having the MC repeat the exact same events over and over again.

Overall, a good story. A little dark sometimes but still well written and interesting.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Save Point: Reload (Book 2 - Sci-Fi litRPG Series)