G. Akella

The Mists of Erantia (Realm of Arkon Book 7)

Roman was never supposed to escape the locked plane that was his prison. And yet, somehow the impossible task became possible with the help of new friends, and despite the tricks of old enemies. Too intrepid was the demon driven by the fury of battle, the sorrow of defeat, the bonds of unbreakable friendship and the longing for his beloved…

But when gods themselves join the fray, the chances of victory fall from slim to none. Just don’t tell that to Roman, better known as Krian the Prince of Craedia, or to his friends, for their will to fight for the realm they now call home is inexhaustible, and fight they will to the bitter end…

The Starry Skies of Darkaan (Realm of Arkon Book 6)

The Spectral City of Cathella is shrouded in strange magic of a powerful artifact. Krian must face the Great Dragons of Pangea, an impossible quest on the Ancient Paths, transformed by the Twice Cursed God, a journey through an endless graveyard, the smile of the Goddess of Stealth… And rage. Infinite rage. The path to the higher plane never seems to end, too much for any man to overcome… But not for an Elder Demon. And so he soldiers on, after the black crow and toward the red moon hanging over the valleys of Karn.

The Long Road to Karn (Realm of Arkon, Book 5)

It’s only been months since Roman was trapped in the game by his evil boss and dumped into an unreleased high level demon lands expansion. In those months he’s died many, many times and found a way to not only survive even though just about anything could kill him but became involved in some truly epic questlines. He’s gone from nerfed noob in a high level zone to the leader of legions of soldiers on their way to conquer a castle and gain control over a massive territory.

Shadows of the Great Forest (Realm of Arkon, Book 4)

A great war encroaches following the turbulent events of patch seventeen, casting a menacing shadow over both Demon Grounds and lands of the light races. Roused from a millennia-old slumber, dark gods seek to exact vengeance for their past defeat. Max finds himself at the epicenter of it all—with the lives of his woman, his friends and all his people in the Wild Wood dependent on him. Two unlikely heroes must stand—and endure—against all odds: one a Black Demon from an ancient prophecy, the other a fabled Gray Lion…

Steel Wolves of Craedia (Realm of Arkon Book 3)

The flames of war spread through the Cursed Princedom to devastating effect. Bound by powerful spells from centuries ago, the Great Essences are yearning to regain their freedom. In the face of an impossible mission, Krian has no choice but to keep going, while risking those who have trusted him with their lives. The only solution is to become stronger and forget the meaning of the word “impossible.” And so a plangent wolf’s howl soars over the battlefield as a plate-clad cavalry rushes the enemy ranks…

Realm of Arkon

A new update arrives to the ultra-popular online game, Realm of Arkon. With Patch 17, the level of immersion experienced by players in their gaming capsules has made virtual reality indistinguishable from the real world. But every gamer's dream becomes a nightmare for Roman Kozhevnikov after he gets confined to Arkon against his will. 

The Cursed Princedom (Realm of Arkon #2)

An immortal wanderer in an enormous alien world, Krian struggles to survive in a closed plane populated by powerful mobs and hostile NPCs. With bungled stats, inadequate gear and no friends by his side, he is driven by only his willpower… and by his hatred toward the people responsible for his misery. Revenge is his purpose now, his entire reason for being. But his path lies through the cursed princedom of Craedia stretching far to the south….

My Opinion: $5.99, 338 pages, not available on Kindle Unlimited.

What I enjoyed the most about book 1 of this series was the gaming story of Roman/Krian as he tries to level up and survive in an unreleased portion of the game world. That is back in spades with book 2. Not only does Krian continue to level, but now he gets a squad of NPC followers to train as he enters the Cursed Princedom. Great time reading it. Loads of action and adventure.

There's also some more about Max, his friend if you liked that side story.

Score: 7 out of 10.

The Cursed Princedom (Realm of Arkon #2)