The Cursed Princedom (Realm of Arkon #2)

An immortal wanderer in an enormous alien world, Krian struggles to survive in a closed plane populated by powerful mobs and hostile NPCs. With bungled stats, inadequate gear and no friends by his side, he is driven by only his willpower… and by his hatred toward the people responsible for his misery. Revenge is his purpose now, his entire reason for being. But his path lies through the cursed princedom of Craedia stretching far to the south….

My Opinion: $5.99, 338 pages, not available on Kindle Unlimited.

What I enjoyed the most about book 1 of this series was the gaming story of Roman/Krian as he tries to level up and survive in an unreleased portion of the game world. That is back in spades with book 2. Not only does Krian continue to level, but now he gets a squad of NPC followers to train as he enters the Cursed Princedom. Great time reading it. Loads of action and adventure.

There's also some more about Max, his friend if you liked that side story.

Score: 7 out of 10.

The Cursed Princedom (Realm of Arkon #2)