Shadows of the Great Forest (Realm of Arkon, Book 4)

A great war encroaches following the turbulent events of patch seventeen, casting a menacing shadow over both Demon Grounds and lands of the light races. Roused from a millennia-old slumber, dark gods seek to exact vengeance for their past defeat. Max finds himself at the epicenter of it all—with the lives of his woman, his friends and all his people in the Wild Wood dependent on him. Two unlikely heroes must stand—and endure—against all odds: one a Black Demon from an ancient prophecy, the other a fabled Gray Lion…


My Opinion: 262 pages, $5.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

This novel is all about Max, the MCs friend. In book 4, Max has to deal with the consequences of being a nightwalker as his beast form comes out more and more. Max fights through monsters galore with the friends he’s made as he marches through the Great Forest to complete his Epic Quest to restore the altar of the goddess of vengence.

  • Lots of action, great raid battles, follow up of several threads brought up in books 1-3 for Max.

  • If you’re only interested in Roman/Krian and his story in the Demon Lands then skip this one because it’s all about Max.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Shadows of the Great Forest (Realm of Arkon, Book 4)