The Marchstone Dale: Omegaverse 6 (LitRPG)

With word of his rebellion sweeping the city, Wulfgar flees Edonis and makes his way back to his kingdom of Marchstone. He has to prepare his defenses, raise and train an army, and ensure that the kingdoms on his western flanks will ally with him in the coming war with King Clive, a war that is looming over his little alpine domain and threatens to fall on him and his friends. Within days.

Author's Note: Please be advised that there are sexually explicit scenes within this tale that are not meant for children.

Omegaverse Book 5 - The Marches of Edonis

Having just begun to relax from their first adventures together, Wulfgar and his friends - Lauren, Snorri, and Rydra - were enjoying themselves in the tavern. They were reliving their harrowing fight with the Lich, which they barely survived, when a messenger arrived with a new quest.

A messenger from the King.

Now they needed to find out why they were being singled out for special attention! And there was only one way to accomplish that - to embark on the quest from King Clive!