Omegaverse Book 5 - The Marches of Edonis

Having just begun to relax from their first adventures together, Wulfgar and his friends - Lauren, Snorri, and Rydra - were enjoying themselves in the tavern. They were reliving their harrowing fight with the Lich, which they barely survived, when a messenger arrived with a new quest.

A messenger from the King.

Now they needed to find out why they were being singled out for special attention! And there was only one way to accomplish that - to embark on the quest from King Clive!

My Opinion: 257 pages, $4.98 and available on Kindle Unlimited.

A welcome addition to the series. The book starts out with Duncan /Wulfgar continuing his journey to find his lost friend, Shannon. He’s accompanied by the friends he’s made in this fantasy game world and is sent by the AI king, Clive, to investigate an outpost that has stopped sending in messages.

That’s the setup. The payoff is a bit different however. While I won’t spoil it, there is a plot twist that is both exciting and disappointing. I was expecting the search for Shannon to take a lot longer (book 6 maybe) and end with her being a major villain or something. It doesn’t. The other part of the plot twist does open up some new possibilities for the story so it kind of makes up for that disappointment. Still, the story has lots of action, adventure, and even some town building stuff.

While not as strong an entry as book 4, overall, I had a good time reading the story and hope book 6 comes out soon.

Oh. The book also has two additional sections at the end. One a short story, the other a sneak preview at a new series the author is writing.

Score: 7 out of 10

Omegaverse Book 5

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