Homeland: Ingame 2

A litrpg novel, Homeland has Tor returning to the Virtual world, time has passed and changes have happened. He has three missions, to take care of the House of Pain. To deal with the Old Bastards and to stop the Eldest. The virtual world and the real world are becoming closer and the government is now working to control both. This novel deals with adult situations and language, please be aware of this.

My Opinion:  326 pages. $3.25 and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Tor returns to the game after winning a prize of over five million credits. His last hack in the game having been confiscated, he now has the money to setup a secure gaming sight, a back door into the game, and military grade nanobots to give him an edge when he returns there to stop the Old Bastards and their abuse of the regular players.

I’ve tried to read this series before and I always have a hard time getting through it. It’s not bad story, it just never really hooked me. I never connected with the main character. The only real complaint I have about the book are the spelling and grammar errors. There are no errors so huge that I stopped reading but there were small errors or missing words on a semi-regular basis. I know it bothers some people. Oh, and this story is definitely for the grown-ups since some parts of the story involve sexual situations.

Score: 5 out of 10


Homeland: Ingame 2