Adventures on Terra - Book 3: Rescue

Armon Ellington died on earth and was transported to Terra, a world governed by rules eerily similar to the RPG games he loved. He found he could gain levels, skills, abilities, and magic just like he could in those games. In addition to finding a way to become more powerful, he also found the friends and family he’d always longed for. Unfortunately, he also discovered the pain of losing them.

Now, Armon finally has the information he’s been searching for. He knows where the kidnapped kobolds that the Imperare took are. A city deep in the heart of the Imperare Empire and a place renowned for its gladiatorial arenas. Now Armon just has to solve the small problems of breaking out of jail, evading capture, getting into Imperare Empire, and coming up with a plan to rescue the kobolds from whomever has them.

Join Armon and his friends on the final leg of their quest to rescue the members of his adopted family, the Red Claw Tribe of kobolds.

Adventures on Terra is a LitRPG Adventure.

The Artificer: A Viridian Gate Online Novel (The Imperial Initiative DLC 1)

October, 2042

In two weeks, the world will die, murdered by a nine-mile-wide, extinction-level asteroid.

And Robert Osmark—billionaire and savvy tech-genius—couldn’t be readier for the fiery apocalypse.

Unlike the shortsighted masses, he’s been diligently preparing for this day from the moment the asteroid first appeared. Through his relentless efforts, digital salvation now awaits anyone bold enough to take the leap and permanently transition into the brand-new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. And Robert Osmark will lead this new world he has created.

But even with every advantage skewed in his favor, Osmark faces powerful opposition. A rogue faction of global elites led by US Senator Sizemore isn’t content to merely survive the apocalypse. They have their sights set much higher, and are recruiting dangerous allies, undercutting Robert’s efforts at every turn, and hiring VGO’s most deadly assassins to get what they want. To win, Osmark will need to viciously crush all opposition before his plans turn to ash.