The Artificer: A Viridian Gate Online Novel (The Imperial Initiative DLC 1)


October, 2042

In two weeks, the world will die, murdered by a nine-mile-wide, extinction-level asteroid.

And Robert Osmark—billionaire and savvy tech-genius—couldn’t be readier for the fiery apocalypse.

Unlike the shortsighted masses, he’s been diligently preparing for this day from the moment the asteroid first appeared. Through his relentless efforts, digital salvation now awaits anyone bold enough to take the leap and permanently transition into the brand-new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. And Robert Osmark will lead this new world he has created.

But even with every advantage skewed in his favor, Osmark faces powerful opposition. A rogue faction of global elites led by US Senator Sizemore isn’t content to merely survive the apocalypse. They have their sights set much higher, and are recruiting dangerous allies, undercutting Robert’s efforts at every turn, and hiring VGO’s most deadly assassins to get what they want. To win, Osmark will need to viciously crush all opposition before his plans turn to ash.


My Opinion: 355 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Have you ever wanted to read about Osmark, the antagonist of the Viridian Gate Online series (VGO) and how he became such a villain? Well, now you can. You don’t have to have read the main VGO series to enjoy this novel but if you have, you’ll get extra insight into some characters.

This novel, in the VGO timeline, starts before the comet hits earth and continues on until right before the main character in VGO gets his faction seal. The main character from that series, Jack, does not appear in this novel and is only vaguely referenced at the very end. So, don’t expect any crossovers yet.

Instead, the novel focuses on the Osmark and his efforts to consolidate power in the virtual world his company has created. Only he has to deal with some of the most ruthless political and criminal figures in the world. One of these members is even plotting to take the reigns of power from Osmark. Osmark has to use his superior intelligence not only deal with that political intrigue but also enact his own plan to get a unique and difficult class, the Artificer, retrieve his faction seal, and figure out some way to deal with the assassins trying to hunt him down.

There’s crafting, plenty of action, and some dungeon diving. The novel ends with Osmark magically getting some over-powered abilities that let him deal with his problems but that’s a minor gripe. Overall, it was an enjoyable story that will appeal to folks that like crafting,  min/maxers, and good steampunk themed fights.

Score: 7 out of 10

The Artificer: A Viridian Gate Online Novel (The Imperial Initiative DLC 1)