Of Myths and Legends (Emerilia Book 9)


The Emperor has spoken and the portals are opening. The Event is larger than anyone anticipated with Emerilia’s people needing to band together to survive.

The creatures of nightmares and children’s stories might roam Emerilia, but this isn’t their land it isn’t their home. The Terra Alliance will use everything at their disposal to gain strength and push back the forces that roam Emerilia.

The Pantheon moves in the shadows, the forests and across Markolm. Light, Earth and Dark’s forces only grow as they recruit those from The Event into their ranks.

Beset on all sides Party Zero prepare for a war not seen since the ancient times of Emerilia. They know that this is only the beginning.


My Opinion: 414 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

So, this is it. The beginning of the pumped up Myths and Legends invasion of Emerilia. The action in the story is front and back loaded. The action starts from the very first pages of the story and the author does a good job of capturing the frenetic energy of these first fights. Though some of these fights might be a little too long. Like 20% of the novel long.

There’s a huge chunk of the middle of the novel that has everyone preparing new tactics and weapons for the invasion. This section also updated and expands on the space stuff and on preparations for the Jukal rebellion. Cool crafting here too. My favorite parts are definitely the glimpses into the space expansion stuff.

Be aware that there’s less RPG stuff in this novel. That’s mostly due to the scale of the story. It’s shifted from being just about Dave and a small group of friends to massive battles that will determine the survival of the entire planet.

I won’t spoil the end except to tell you that it’s nice and actiony. The final battle leaves you wondering if the sacrifices made are worth it.

Score: 7 out of 10

Of Myths and Legends (Emerilia Book 9)