Camelot Overthrown: An Arthurian LitRPG (Camelot LitRPG)


Britain is threatened by the minions of the evil Satanus, and King Arthur calls out for brave knights to come and defend the realm.

Join Gorrow as he rises up from Level 1, hones his knightly skills, upgrades his weapons, makes friends, and builds a village on his way from Squire to Knight.

As he levels, his progress is threatened by the ever encroaching armies of Satanus, who threaten even Camelot itself.

Gorrow must race to improve himself so he has the skills to aid King Arthur’s armies in their fight to defeat evil. And at the same time he needs to build and protect his settlement.

In the last days, King Arthur sends out a call. If Camelot falls, surely the whole kingdom will fall too? Then who will resist Satanus as his black tide threatens to overwhelm the medieval island of Britain?


My Opinion: 254 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Galen Wolf, author of Greenwood series of novels and short stories.

Reviews note some spelling errors in the novel as well as gender inconsistencies for the owl in the story. Sometimes he and other times she. Just an FYI in case that stuff bothers you.


The novel starts at character creation with the MC getting an explanation about the game mechanics of the story from a talking barn owl who is the main character’s (MC), Garrow’s, game guide.

* Like Archimedes from the Sword in the Stone animated movie, lol.*

After spending a good bit of time detailing the mechanics of the game, including how skills, combat, and crafting work. The MC finishes making his character and jumps right into Camelot where he quests, crafts, and adventures.

The Camelot theme is neat but it just adds a bit of flavor to the adventuring with quests involving finding and helping Saints and the Church. There are minor Christian references but they’re more historical than religiously oriented.

In addition to the good crunchy combat scenes, there’s crafting and town building too. The novel doesn’t take itself too seriously and is happy to poke fun at gaming, RPGs, and even pop culture.

There is a small theme of beating the evil evil army threatening Camelot but that doesn’t come into play till late in the story. For the most part, the novel is a ‘daily adventures’ type of story just following the MC as he has fun and explores what’s possible in the game.

Overall, a good novel that I had fun reading. It was nice not to read another save the world story. Just a guy having fun for the most part.

Score: 7 out of 10.  

Camelot Overthrown: An Arthurian LitRPG (Camelot LitRPG)