The Builder's Greed (The Legendary Builder Book 2)


For the first time in millennia, the all-consuming Darkness has been pushed back. Thanks to Arthur and his ragtag army of women, there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

Or there would have been if Mammon, Princess of Greed hadn't awakened.

Powerful enough to level a town with the blink of an eye and ally to no one, Mammon has one goal and one goal only.

To own everything in Hell, starting with Arthur and his friends.

And if he can't stop her from taking over while fending off attacks from Hell's ruling class, well, let's just say that his chance to stop the Darkness will slip from slim to none.


My Opinion: 270 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

What do you do when the main character in your first book becomes a bit overpowered and fixes everything he needed to? You reset his powers and resources.

That’s what this entire novel is. A huge reset button. It takes away just about everything that the Arthur Curie, the main character (MC), earned in the first book. Mammon, the demon princess of greed is accidentally released by the uber-blonde Archangel Gabriella. She wants the MC and everything he has. She’s used as a pretext to take everything from the MC and make him earn it all over again.

The MC has to start all over. Start his own town from scratch, with just the few woman that swore to follow him. There are a few upgrades for the MC. He learns of new armaments that will augment his power if he can find/make them. However, he needs a special part that only a guild leader can make. Which doesn’t make sense but is used as an excuse to fill a huge section of the middle of the novel (30-60% portion) with a fun but unnecessary sculpture contest that’s run like a reality TV show competition.

From the 63% mark on, the story really gets good. I loved the training the MC finally does. It makes the reader feel like the MC is actually earning his power and not just having it handed to him. There’s a lot of revelations and twists that keep happening one after another until the very last moments of the story. It’ll probably be too many for some people and it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. But for me, this section was the most interesting.

Overall, nothing really bad about the story. But you could read the 16% of the story, then skip all the way to the 63% and not miss anything that important. Still, that last 37% of the novel is worth the time to read it on its own. Good page turner scenes.

Score: 7 out of 10.

The Builder's Greed (The Legendary Builder Book 2)