Awaken Online: Apathy (Side Quest)


A side quest adventure in the best-selling world of Awaken Online!

Eliza's parents are relentless - forcing her to constantly take extra courses to prepare for college and medical school. Sometimes, it feels like her entire life has already been planned out.

Which is why she leaps at the chance to escape into a new virtual reality game, Awaken Online. What she wasn't expecting was to encounter a capricious god and his loyal "pet." Or to be chosen as this god's "avatar" within the game and forced to tackle a series of asinine quests.

Yet, she just can't shake the feeling that there is more to the irritating god than first meets the eye.

(This story is intended to be "Book 5" in the Awaken Online series. It should be read after Awaken Online: Evolution.)


My Opinion: 276 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a good side novel for a character, Eliza, introduced in Awaken Online: Evolution. You get her origin story and all the adventures she went on right up until the time she’s introduced to the main series. The story is strong enough that it can be read as a stand alone and you don’t technically have to have read any of the other Awaken Online novels to enjoy it. But if you have read the other novels, you get a little bit of extra enjoyment from some details.

I really enjoyed the novel, and like Eliza so much more now. When she was introduced in AO Evolution, she seemed overpowered and it was hard to connect with her because you don’t get to know her very well in that story. But now, she’s a favorite character of mine in the series. I liked all the scientific research and experimentation she does to improve her powers and create interesting combinations between her water magic and alchemy. It felt like each new spell combo was earned with lots of hard work.

Story wise, this is an origin story for the character and thus can’t get too epic. But the slice of life adventuring and crafting are still entertaining and as is the author’s usual style the best most exciting part is saved for the last 15% of the story.

Overall, a good read.

Score: 7. 7 out of 10

Awaken Online: Apathy (Side Quest)