Glitch Book Two (The Glitch Series 2)


Max, a rather plain guy, finds himself inside a post-apocalyptic survival roleplaying videogame. He has no idea how he has ended up in the virtual reality or how to quit it. He has no choice but to play the game.

Shortly afterward, he learns that the game is quite harsh and cruel. Max finds out that in order to survive he has to scavenge, gather various resources, craft warm clothes and armor, upgrade weapons and vehicles, and so on.

Moreover, the entire game world is a full-on PvP zone. So Max has to not only fight brutal mutants but also protect himself against gamers who have teamed up in order to ratchet up their chances of survival as well as against high-leveled players who take great pleasure in murdering newbies.

And all the while Max has been trying to find out what has befallen him, how he has gotten in the videogame, and whether or not there is any chance of exiting the game. Bit by bit he gleans more and more information about the game. He finds out that the game is full of bugs. Later on he also learns that he himself is a some kind of a glitch. Unlike all the other players, he feels pain in the game and can interact with some game objects while all the other players cannot…


My Opinion: 116 pages, $1.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book 1 in the series introduced some potentially interesting concepts into a fallout like post apocalyptic setting: crafting, pvp, monster zones, and quests. Unfortunately, book 2 doesn’t really develop most of that. Instead, it focuses on PvP combat almost exclusively with a small bit of monster wave survival at the end. There’s not really any story progression towards a goals. The main character just kind of exists. Overall it just fell flat for me.

Score: 5 out of 10

Glitch Book Two (The Glitch Series 2)