Competitive Advantage (Nora Hazard Book 2)


*Nora Hazard's story began prior to the events of Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus.*

Nobody likes an escort mission. Nobody.

Unfortunately for Nora, she'll be stuck travelling with Jessica, an American gamer, and Christopher, a Filipino man with a mysterious past. Somehow, the former Jackals gang leader must keep the two Terrans alive while heading south for Enheduanna’s new, insane mission.

Nora will have no time to prepare, or even to stay in Soron to enjoy her unexpected celebrity status. Instead, she will need to leave for Tolstey after healing from injuries sustained in battle, wounded while protecting Soron.

Despite what some may say about her now, Nora knows she is no hero. People expecting too much from her will probably be disappointed. But with the help of some new weapons and greater orb-Bonded power, surviving her new, suicidal quest might be merely improbable, not impossible.

One thing is for sure: Regardless of what happens—whether fulfilling her mission or learning to trust again—Nora will do things her own way, on her own terms.


My Opinion: 232 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Nora Hazard series is a really good action adventure LitRPG series. Each novel amps up the action and this is a prime example of why people like the author’s work. Good characters, good power progression, and some really good action. Heck the entire last 25% of the story is just a series of kick ass action scenes.

Of all the new powers and abilities I have to say PewPew is my favorite. It’s just fun to point your finger and say ‘PewPew’. Try it, you’ll see. Additionally, you can see the author building the framework for an eventual tie in to the Delvers LLC series with cameos and special quests.

But what I really liked about the story is the development of Nora this time. She not only continues to prove she’s a badass military woman, but there are a couple touching moments that showed her vulnerabilities too. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Score: 7.7 out of 10

Competitive Advantage (Nora Hazard Book 2)