War Aeternus 2: Sacrifices


Desperate to save as many people as he can from a horrible fate in the cruel game of the gods, Lee and his small group of friends abandon the relative safety of Satterfield for the great city of Kirshtein. Tensions within the city have reached a breaking point after the arrival of an enemy Herald, and Lee is soon caught up in the struggle for power. Captured, imprisoned, and forced to fight for his life on the blood-soaked sands of the Kirshtein arena, Lee has to figure out how to survive long enough to mend the rifts in the broken city before it falls apart completely. Armed with new skills, joined by new allies, and up against his most dangerous enemy yet, Lee's bid for survival in the War of Eternity takes on even higher stakes as he learns the what true leadership requires. Now, with an ominous new threat looming in the distance and an army on the horizon, Lee has to answer one question: Can he pay the price of victory?


My Opinion: 350 pages??, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

War Aeternus 2 picks up shortly after the end of book 1, with the core team trying to collect bounties to raise funds for their home village. Then they get to a new town and things don’t go well for them. The novel is really an introduction to the larger world where humans aren’t the dominant species and are looked down upon. There’s lots of good fights, leveling, and some magical crafting.

But for me, some of the best moments in the story didn’t happen in a fight. Instead, they were the ones that made me feel connected to the characters. Whether it’s the fumbling romance of Lee in the real world, or touching background stories from the other members of the core team in the game world, those moments are my favorites.

Overall, I really liked this story. It’s a good balance of action, RPG advancement, character development, and story.

Score:  7.6 out of 10

War Aeternus 2: Sacrifices