Bitch Berserker


Trapped in a savage reality I'm a kind and gentle person. Or should I say, I was... As an interstellar surveyor, my job is to find and explore new star systems at the very fringes of humankind's reach. There are no conflicts, or even stress – it's simply a career which allows me to quietly drift through the cosmos, enjoying its endless beauty. Then I found myself trapped on a world like no other. Dark, bloody and brutal, I had to adapt quickly to this new reality, or me and my crew would never get a chance to escape. My life quickly morphed from one of peace, to one of pure savagery. And as I carved a blood-soaked path across this realm of carnage, there was one horrifying fact about myself I needed to confront: Learning to kill was easy, but learning not to love it so much... now that's hard. NOTE: This is a hyper-violent LitRPG dark fantasy. Not for the squeamish.


My Opinion: 284 pages, $10.99, Was Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a super violent slice of life LitRPG. The premise is that a woman from a spacefaring ship crashes on a game world. She’s forced to kill to survive and accidently creates a character that’s a berserker dedicated to the god of blood.

There are RPG mechanics. She gets blood points for her kills that she can spend on ability trees. She levels and can increase her stats. There’s even a tiny bit of crafting. But this is mostly just a fighting story. Fight, upgrade, fight. That’s all there is to it really.

Overall, not boring but the language, hyper gore, and pointless violence just didn’t work for me.

Score: 6 out of 10

Bitch Berserker