Monster Hunter NYC


There were other broke musicians in New York City, but at least those ones had their dignity.

It was my bandmate, Iris, who gave me the code that unlocked the illegal Monster Hunt app. Tears in her eyes, Iris said the app would help us fix our ravaged musical equipment, make money, and live better lives.

The Monster Hunt app made me the Alpha of two powerful Huntresses, one a half-dragon female fond of combat and banter, the other a cute warrior fond of reading spell books and wielding two blades.

Our goal? Hunt mythological creatures in the parks, rooftops, and back alleys of New York City; build a fighting party to compete in brawls and tournaments; earn some seriously needed cash; and try our damndest not to get arrested.


My Opinion: 300 pages??, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Storywise, this novel is pretty straightforward. The main character (MC) gets access to an app that lets him capture monsters and train them for use in a tournament where he can win lots of money to further his music career. He’s joined by his friend ris and his two hunters, Aya and Lady C. It’s really a bunch of fights and some light resource management stuff until the tournament. Then it’s just fighting. There’s a little bit of a story and interpersonal relationship stuff but it’s mostly about the monster capturing.

Game mechanic wise the story pulls from the monster capture games that came before it. In an augmented reality like Pokemon Go setting, hunters or huntresses weaken monsters then players capture them. Monsters can be trained for tournament fighting with other players. The RPG side comes in with levels, attack and defense values, as well as HP. Everyone has special abilities or spell they can use. As the player levels from capturing, so does everyone else. There are more monster capture mechanics, but learning about them and seeing them play out is half the fun.

There’s also an experimental musical component to the audiobook and songs that were created specifically for this novel.

Overall, a good read. An interesting story that brings in Pokemon type monster capturing and tournament battling. A little haremy but no sex, but some flirting and joking.

Score: 7.2 out of 10

Monster Hunter NYC