Dungeon Lord: Abominable Creatures (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 3)


The Light strives to purify the kingdom of Starevos from evil... and only Dungeon Lord Edward Wright stands in their way.

The Heroes of the Militant Church, led by Inquisitor Gallio, scour the forest in search of the Haunt, while Ed desperately attempts to uncover the secret behind the Heroes' origin.

Can Ed and his friends defeat the Inquisition and secure their own place in the world, or are they destined to become the monsters of their own tale?

All over Ivalis, the portents announce blood and fire as the ancient traditions return and abominable creatures long thought forgotten stir in their tombs. Both the Dark and the Light loom hungrily over the Haunt, and only one thing

is certain...

If pushed, Dungeon Lord Edward Wright will fight against them all.

My Opinion: 618 pages, $5.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Though there are a few translation snags again, the story was entertaining and expands on the good stuff from books 1 and 2. Personally, I liked the little moments where the lore of the world was told. It makes the story world feel fuller and gives context to some social behaviors. The fights when you get there, are good. It was also nice to see a change of scenery and that the real world comes back into the story. There is good RPG progress with the main character’s (MC) dungeon lord powers and while I’m not a fan of the latest minion add, her inclusion stirs things up amongst the group.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Dungeon Lord: Abominable Creatures (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 3)