Accidental Mage: Book Three in the LitRPG Accidental Traveler Adventure


Dragged Back To The Game, It's Personal This Time

Hal Dix returns home from Fantasma to find his greatest nightmare has come true. A personal tragedy drags him back into the game world of Fantasma one last time.

Seeking help from his comrades in Fantasma, Hal must master the art of magic, gaining abilities and training under four different and cantankerous archmages to complete his quest. Does Hal have the discipline to stick with the training and reach the end of his chosen path before it's too late?

Return to the game with the third action-packed book of the Accidental Traveler LitRPG fantasy trilogy. Journey along with Hal and his friends in the world of Fantasma, as he becomes the Accidental Mage and fulfills his role as the hero of prophecy.


My Opinion: 354 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

If you’ve read the other novels in this series you sort of know how the formula goes. Hal is forced to go back to Fantasma, all the great powers he got in the last book are reset as he picks up another class, he goes to train his new class and has some adventures along the way, he faces off against the big bad guy and by the end all is right once again in the universe.

The third book in the series does not stray from that formula. But just because the big plot points are fairly predictable, doesn’t mean that the journey is not worth taking. The novel is a good conclusion to this trilogy. There’s all the predictable stuff and forced plot points that the other books have but this time there’s also magic. Yes, Hal learns magic finally. Honestly the journey really reminded me of Avatar the Last Airbender. Hal has to master the five magical elements and most of the story revolves around him finding masters of each element to teach him. Yeah, I knew what was going to happen mostly but it was still an entertaining ride.

The end is satisfying and all the big plot threads were tied up. There’s still room for a return to the series if the author wants it but this is also a good place to end it too. I had an overall good time reading the story.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Accidental Mage: Book Three in the LitRPG Accidental Traveler Adventure