Bitter: Book One


VRMMORPG has arrived, along with: bugs, exploits, OP classes, over the top nerfs, p2w, ridiculous RNG, lockboxes, raging players, broken mechanics, limited bag space, tedious crafting... and then there are the goblins and ogres.

Bitter is the story of a girl who finds her life isn't what she wanted. So she gets another one.


My Opinion: 296 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

From the author of the How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis series, which is a nice portal fiction series. This is a published version of the online serial of the same name. Book 1 has the first 100 chapters, book 2 continues the story.

First off. This is totally LitRPG. Plenty of RPG progression, though the game system isn’t anything amazing. Also, in my opinion way too much time is spent in the real world but the main character (MC), Britta is a high school kid so it makes sense that she can’t play 24/7.

Ok. This is a slice of life story with a teen girl who is a huge complainer. She gets access to her dad’s new VR game rig. She’s not supposed to use it but she’s a sneaky kid. She only intends to take a little trip in the game world to see what’s so cool about it but through a series of poor character creation choices finds herself with a very unique character. One that has to find new and interesting ways to fight and interact with the NPCs.

Most of the game story is about the MC exploring the starting parts of this VR fantasy game, learning about the game mechanics, and early quests. What’s interesting about the story is how this teen manages to get around the game’s standard events and bend the AI rules for some interesting effects.

The real life storyline is pretty boring and is mostly the MC complaining about her life, her parents, school, and other students.

Overall, a good story. Though it takes some time to get past the whiney complaints of the MC, about 20%. Once she’s in the game world it’s interesting. I had a fun time reading it but I also like slice of life stories. Be aware that the end of book 1 is just a pause in the story. But book 2 is also out now.

Score: 7 out of 10

Bitter: Book One

Bitter: Book Two