Halcyon Rising: Breaking Ground


My skill set brings all the girls to the yard.

And by yard, I mean, the temple of a young goddess who's using me to build a fortified city around herself before the god of war can finish slaying every deity in the heavens.

He'd better not find us before we're ready. Spoiler: We're far from ready.

But hey, I get a cool skill out of it. The goddess allows me to view anyone's strength, vivacity, and other attributes as though they were numbers on a menu, and then use their life experiences to make them stronger. I can unlock their special skills too, and it's all stuff no one else can see.

Hence the girls: A beastkin builder, a negotiatrix made of slime, a half-elf gypsy that charms snakes — and more — seeking safe refuge and a place to belong.

Think our ragtag group can survive a divine onslaught of apocalyptic proportions? I know what I think. Come on in and find out.


My Opinion: 233 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a fantasy harem LitRPG novel where the main character has upgrade powers. He can see his and others character sheets and upgrade their stats and abilities using their accumulated XP.  The RPG stuff is interesting, though I’ve read other stories that do it better. Still, not bad.

However, the rest of the story is not as entertaining. Combat is decent. There are some town building aspects of the story but the show up towards the end of the novel. The rest is mostly about collecting a harem of beautiful women that the main character gets to sleep with.

Overall, an ok story with good RPG mechanics. However, there are better LitRPG stories with a main character with upgrade powers. The Super Sales on Super Hero series and the 1st book in The Legendary Builder series.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Halcyon Rising: Breaking Ground