World of Karik: (The First Player) LitRPG series


Welcome to the new world. People around were killed, but you and group of strangers could get to this dangerous place by the will of mysterious creatures.

Imagine a community of liars and scoundrels who were able to survive by killing their friends and fellows.

These people surround you; everyone is lying, trying to get an advantage. Everyone has a secret.

The World of Karik is similar to the game. You can get levels, increase your stats, and even rise from the dead in case of failure. However, if you do make a mistake, if you do believe the wrong person, you will die forever.

Everyone knows where is the way out of this world; it seems that you can return home, but not a single person did ever come back. Do you want to be the first? Then you have to decide, who is standing next to you? The friend or the foe? The creature of the abyss or an innocent victim?

The translation has been faithfully made by a non-profit agency "Cowabunga."


My Opinion: 681 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

**Warning: There are some serious issues with the translation of the work into English. If the following sentences hurt your brain, don’t read this novel.

"It's great," Olga said, as I thought, a little disappointed. "I think we have come." The path led us to a clearing, surrounded by a rock on one side. On the left, there was a small brook; on the right, a forest. "We came," Andrei announced. **


First I want to say at $2.99, this is a great price for the amount of content and it’s on KU.

The novel is best described as a Apocalypse Survival Slice of Life LitRPG. So, similar stories would be The Arcane Survivalist, Life in the North, Gamer of the Dead, or Survival World.

People are being taken from earth by powerful beings and dropped onto another planet. This planet works with RPG game rules. Each person is given one skill or ability to help them survive and tombstone that they resurrect at if they die. If the tombstone is broken, they die permanently.

The main character (MC) convinces the god of chaos to give him mastery of magic and thus he has an OP ability among all the other players on this world. While there’s a way to exit the world, it’s so difficult no one has yet succeeded.

The story is basically a slice of life power up story. There’s no huge plot. It’s more about the MC learning about the rules of the world, leveling up, some betrayals that force him to power up more, and then repeating all that. There’s enough variety of monsters to fight, plot twist betrayals, and way to power up that the story is interesting even with it being over 600 pages long.

The biggest drawbacks to the story are the translation issues and the sheer length of the story makes some parts feel like filler. Those two things don’t ruin the story for me but they will for other people.

Score: 6 out of 10

World of Karik: (The First Player) LitRPG series