On the watch. White Plaque: Through the horde of heartless killers

Litrpg. Vlad is a second police lieutenant and was appointed by his chief to play in “HorGar” - a game in the virtual reality. He must find a daughter of famous criminal boss and become her “friend” in a hope to track her dad down.

But “HorGar” has many secrets so it's not so easy to survive there. So-called “white plaque” scourges local lands without mercy and only true heroes can withstand this treat. “White plaque” is taking a new part of territory over and over, devastating everything. “White plague” is a real disaster for those who isn't a part of “white horde”.

My Opinion: 80 pages. $1 and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Vlad,a cop,  is sent to befriend the estranged daughter of an infamous criminal in a VR game called, “HorGar”, on the off chance that she’s contacted by her father. His first quest involves solving the mystery of the murderous bunny rabbits.

This is translated from Russian and you can tell from the sentence structure. Here’s a sentence from the story: “Schurov slit his eyes, speaking. ‘Of course, if you want to become one day more than just a lieutenant.’ ” If you can get past that, then you might find a cute LitRPG murder mystery.

Score: 6 out of 10

On the watch. White Plaque