Unsung Hearts

Would you enter a Virtual Reality to save a loved one? Climb ranks for social media likes? Eversona can bring you power, money, and fame. Win, and poverty will never haunt you. Fail? Your heart will never wake…

My Opinion: 353 pages, $2.99 and available on Kindle Unlimited

Eversona is a VR game that can affect both the social and physical state of people in the real world. Gain power or health in Eversona, it translates to real life. Lose all your hearts in game? Die in real life. Every year you spend in game gets you $100,000 in real world money.

This is a unique VR world that uses a combination of class skills and ranks to determine power. The magic system is based in art, music, and singing to create magical effects related to fire, water, fortune telling, and combat.

The story revolves around a unique bloodline skill and how it’s reemergence in the game/real life has the potential to change the power structure between established factions. Some want to use the boy who has this power, other want to kill him. Our main character’s job is to protect the boy.

I think the world this novel exists in and the core of the story is unique and kind of cool. Unfortunately, all that is obscured by the poetic language the story is written in.

It took me four separate tries to get through the first chapter of the book because I had a such a difficult time with the writing style and the formating of the game mechanic descriptions. The first time I read the opening parts of the novel I thought that it was a translation of a chinese novel about a historical MMO. When I asked the author about it, he said that he was spanish and that he has a background writing poetry.

It was only after I started to use a text -to-speech program that I was able to even understand what was happening in the story and appreciate the unique game world it takes place in.

I like the world this story is set in and the core of the story has potential, it’s just executed poorly. I’d recommend downloading a sample of the novel to see if the writing style works for you. You’ll be able to tell within moments if you’ll be able to get to the interesting core of this story.

Score: 3 out of 10

Unsung Hearts