Rex’s Let’s Play

Godsmaker Wars is the newest big MMO to hit the market. Boasting tons of new features in a robust pen and paper RPG ruleset that's supposed to blow away all the competition. Advertising near lifelike graphics on any PC they already have one of the largest pre-releases in history.

For Quinn, a second year college kid, picking up the platinum collectors edition gets him more than he bargained for. It's also more than he could have ever hoped for. From a wealthy family, his parents expect far more from him than he is willing to give, believing he spends far too much of his time watching anime and making let's play videos of adult hentai games. Godsmaker wars is the perfect place for him to escape it all and become something new.

Join Quinn aka Rex on his first steps to becoming the world's first Haremancer.

My Opinion: 131 pages, $2.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

There are two big issues you should be aware of with this story. 1) There is  a lot of descriptive sex in the story. 2) conversations and speech aren’t separated or quotation marked. So there’s no structural distinction between the characters that are chatting with each other.

Either one of those issues may be a deal breaker for some readers so I’m letting you know about them upfront.

The novel is a side story for one of the characters in the larger Godsmaker Wars series. It introduces and tells the story of Rex, who loves anime and manga. Especially those harem stories and when he creates his character in the latest VRMMO, he chooses a ‘disadvantage’ of sex addiction that forces him to have sex every 24 hours or lose use of some of his abilities and magic. Personally, I skipped the sex scenes and I enjoyed a good LitRPG story.

Really enjoyed the character creation section. Gives nice insight into what types of characters are possible in this world. Then is get’s straight to the action. No pun intended. The fight scenes are well written and the magic system used seems pretty robust. Even though it’s a short read, I had a great time. In the preface the author says the main story in the Godsmaker series will not be like this one. Whether that means no sex scenes or just a more serious tone we’ll have to wait and see.

Score: 6 out of 10

Rex’s Let’s Play